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Using AGILE to Redirect Education

Many people think about Agile as a project management system primarily used in the IT world. But it's really a methodology - a vehicle for learning that focuses on understanding people and change. How can we apply this to our children's education? Many learning facilities today struggle with change and adaptability. Agile can assist with focus and transparency throughout a school organization from administration to providing students with a way of learning that can be relied upon throughout their lives. 

Our Project Based Learning (PBL) structure provides specific Agile strategies adopted from software development process to achieve higher learning and collaboration. Agile can be used to:

  • Design and plan
  • Align to standards 
  • Assist with improving the school's culture
  • Manage activities 
  • Create a review platform for student learning 
  • Engage and coach teachers on Agile Learning.

How we assist with Project-Based Learning

By developing strategies that students can use inside and outside of schools. By providing certified Agile coaches, our team helps students with alignment and understanding how to manage a team. We focus on collaboration and how to streamline student's agility. We also coach on how to respond to change as the project and team evolves. Our key focus is that we are advising students on how to be accountable, manage their time, set goals, and monitor projects successfully.

Our Model: Align-Learn-Transform-Accelerate and Adapt 

What is PBL?

Project Based Learning is a student-centered learning approach where students take ownership in solving a task. The process involves students identifying a problem or an essential question by exploring and developing a deeper understanding and of the problem or fundamental question. 

Business & Individual Development 2020 Scholarship

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BID-Business & Individual Development STEM Scholarship Award Program. Under the Program, two (2) $1000 scholarships will be awarded to (1) male and (1) female African American senior living in the Cincinnati area. 

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